No More Patience on Misinformation

This is from a post in Facebook

J N. K  February 20 at 10:32pm.

It was in the mid 70s Fahrenheit today in Philadelphia. Thank you, donald trump, for global warming. It was pleasant.

P McD So, I read recently that sun spot activity has a significant impact on increasing temperature. These sun spot cycles are several years in length. Is that climate change or weather change?

Javier Dominguez Don’t you think that the climate scientists, who have spent years to get their Ph.D., have done post grad studies, have published several peer reviewed articles, and have studied climate on Earth for 20 or 30 years of their life, “read recently that sun spot activity has a significant impact on increasing temperature”? They still gather their data, run their models and come to the same conclusions. Conclusions that are later reviewed by other scientists with longer career spans and more experience. Still, the conclusion is the same.
Tell me, how many statistic courses, advanced calculus, modeling, programming, and earth science classes did you take? How many Ph.D.s in climatology do you hold? How many years have you spent analyzing temperature data? How many scientific articles have you review on the matter?

Javier Dominguez I suggest you start reading serious literature about the issue. We need well informed people to take action and do something about our Earth.

P McD Interesting. In responding to J N. K comment about the recent balmy temperatures, and asking if sun spot activity was a measure of climate change or weather change, well that triggered a rather violent response.
The question was a real question (as in looking for information), not a rhetorical one to prove some point.
Thank you, Erik Taylor for your response.

Javier Dominguez I’m not patient. And I’m not sorry about that. While we are discussing the miss-information planted by the people running oil companies the earth keeps getting warmer. The ice and glaciers in the Andes are receding. Sea levels are rising and sea acidity is on the rise, too. Insects and the diseases they carry move up north and down south. Beetles extend their range and destroy forests. Entire populations are going to be displaced by drought and lack of food. When I was studying Forestry in Peru in the 80’s we were discussing global warming. When I was doing my masters in the US in Forestry and Environmental Studies, in the 90’s, we were discussing climate change. Things have not change for the better since then. We were trained to deal with problems taking into account biological, economic, and social aspects of the solutions. We were not trained to deal with greed, corruption, and the willingness of people to remain ignorant because is more comfortable that way. So, instead of talking about the solutions to these problems, we are still here talking how the miss-information funded by the Koch brothers somehow disproves what scientist are telling us for the last 40 years or more. So yes, I lost my patience.

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