Mark Knopfler at United Palace Theatre New York , NY

Review Posted in Ticketmaster on 05/07/2010

Concert Thu, May 6, 2010

What a treat!

Opening act: Pieta Brown. She was very good. She played acoustic guitar and had somebody else playing electric with her. the electric guitar was a little too loud and didn’t let us hear her. Same with people in the audience. I guess most people don’t care too much about the opening act. That’s a shame.

The concert

Mark Knopfler was superb. The eight piece band (including him) was in perfect harmony. The high quality of their musicianship was demonstrated in every song. My wife thought that the flute was a little flat and that the performer needed to move his shoulder to open up and play better (she studied flute playing in a conservatory and then in Italy and taught flute playing all around.)
Mark was very funny and gave some insight on the inspiration to one of the songs.

Listening to him performing his music accompanied by all those talented musicians made me think that there must be a higher power, somewhere, that allows us to enjoy such a magnificent show. It can’t be just human. It was that good.

This is the best show I’ve seen in years.

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